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Fatima Abbadi is a Jordanian-Palestinian-Italian freelance photographer, born and raised in Abu Dhabi. She moved to Padua (Italy) in 1997, where she works and lives now, to pursue her university studies. Since 2005 she has started a complex BW photo documentation research about women in various environments. This project consists in a continuous research of femininity in everyday life, seen through the eyes of a photographer who belongs to two different cultures, European and Middle Eastern.

Her work strives to "capture" and extract nuances of expression and sensitivity in the female face. All her works are photographed with an analogic camera with a 35 mm film and then developed in the old traditional way in the darkroom. Since 2009 she has been a member of the MIGNON group (, which is a cultural association promoting a photographic project directed towards investigating the everyday man/woman and his/her environment. This research is called Street Photography.

Here is the list of her exhibitions in Italy and abroad:

Solo exhibitions :
1 "Ritratti" - Padova June 2008
2 "Ritratti" - Sherwood OpenArt - Padova June 2010
3 "Ritratti" - SolarExpo Verona May 2010
4 "Ritratti" - SolarExpo Monaco June 2010
5 "Women Through My Lens" - Amman, Jordan in January 2011 under the patronage of the Embassy of Italy in Amman
6 "Portraits" – Padua (Italy) March 2011
7 "Women Through My Lens" – Rome (Italy) October 2011
8 "Women Through My Lens" – Tolentino (Italy) November 2011.
In the occasion of the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”, the exhibition was supported by the women council of Tolentino and the Tolentino ‘s Municipality.
9 "Ritratti" - SolarExpo Verona (Italy) May 2012
10 "Women Through My Lens" 11 May – 3 June 2012 Padova (Italy).
The exhibition was supported by the the Cultural Department of the Municipality of Padua, the Palestinian/Italian cultural institute Al-Quds and Mignon Street Photography group.
11 "ORIENTALISM: A Reinterpretation" – Asolo - 7 -16 June 2013
12 "Orientalismi Paralleli" – Abano Terme (PD) - 8 - 23 March 2014
13 "Orientalismi Paralleli" – Centro Culturale Candiani (VE) - 12 Ott - 30 Nov 2014
14 "Portraits" – Pizzeria Al Carmine (PD) - 3 january - 28 february 2015
15 "Ritratti" – Ponte San Nicolò (PD) - 1 ottobre – 15 ottobre 2015
16 "Parallel Orientalism" – Arab British Centre (Londra) - 17 novembre - 11 dicembre 2015

Collective Exhibitions:
1 "Punti di Vista" - Roma(Italy) December 2009
2 "Rotondità" - Roma(Italy) January 2010
3 Collective Exhibition – Abu Dhabi (U.A.E) July 2010

Exhibitions with Mignon :
1 "Calendario Mignon 2009" Castelfranco Veneto ITALY
2 "Le nuove vie di Porto Marghera" - VEGA Parco Scientifico Tecnologico, Venice March 2009
3 “PONTEGGIANDO” - Centro Altinate Padova October 2009
4 “SOGNARE DI DONNE” (Libro edito da Polyorama) - Caltagirone September 2009 - Roma April 2010 - Gemona July 2010
5 “Interagire con scatto: sette fotografi e un dipinto del ‘700” - Cà Cornera Rovigo December 2009
6 “ Questioni Personali” - Motta di Livenza (TV) November 2012
7 “8 Marzo - 8 Authors x 8 Visions” - Abano Terme (PD) March2013
8 “THIS IS STREET PHOTOGRAPHY” - Abano Terme (PD) March 2015


- "Veneto & Veneto"

Works and projects accomplished in 2010 / 2014

Short Film Festival “Corti a Ponte” May 2011
Took part in "Corti A Ponte Short Film Festival" as a member of the jury. Responsible for the photography selection.

Kamal Musallam Photo Session and album release 2011
Collaborated with the musician Kamal Musallam ( with his recording photo session. Pictures inserted in the leaflet of his latest album "Songs for Seung-Eun"

Story Book for Punto Ottico 2011
Took part with a female group of Bassano and Verona (Punto Ottico) in creating a sort of photo-story book. This book aims to promote various brands of eyewear in the form of picture story / history, advertising, and various optical tips for healthy eyesight.

Work featured as cover for the annual gender studies handbook 2013 (SOAS University)

Quintetto Turchese photo session and album release 2014
Collaborated with the musicians of Quintetto Turchese in a photo session for their new album release. Pictures inserted in the leaflet their latest album "Safar"

Work featured in Salwa Salem book "Con il vento nei capelli" as cover image 2014

Women Through My Lens Project

It is a first collection of a large photographic project which consists in a continuous research of femininity in everyday life, seen through the eyes of a photographer that belongs to two different cultures, European and Middle Eastern. This work strives to "capture" and extract nuances of expression and sensitivity in the female face and thesefirst selected photos represent women in various everyday life situations, in the street, and in portraits. It evokes the essence of femininity through the camera so that smiles, reactions and spontaneous situations are unexpectedly locked in time. These locked moments communicate emotions and personal life stories which are unique in every shot, and which only a woman’s imagination or a sensitive soul can capture.

Orientalismi Paralleli

A new form of image reading , free from any cultural prejudices and stereotypical images , is the aim that Fatima Abbadi wants to bring to the visitors attention, taking us back in history and following the footsteps of the French and British orientalists. Orientalism, is an artistic cultural form that started around the 19th century, it analyzed, studied and classified the east as "different", giving birth to a new vision of the “other” as exotic, mysterious, slow, lazy, dangerous. An unrealistic vision that was the pretext by the part Westerns to expand with their imperial ambitions and their thirst for conquest of the East. This new cultural wave manifested itself through literary works, stories, paintings ( " Grand Odalisque ", " The turkish bath " - the French painter Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres ) and finally photographs. Works that helped in developing a predefined oriental image and that influenced for centuries our minds, making us follow until now certain inherited clichés.

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